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Sell Your Art Better Than Galleries - Free Challenge

Are you ready to sell your art in 2021?

Have you planned business resolutions in 2021, and would need a push to actually take action?

During the challenge, I will share the most important things you need to do in your art business if you want to sell art consistently in 2021.

Not sure where to start or if you have the essential elements in place when selling art online? Join the challenge to start 2021 with confidence.

DO YOU THINK THERE'S TOO MUCH TO DO in order to sell art?

I think you should not be using all the platforms nor do all the marketing techniques out there in order to sell, and even less be on all the art platforms. Don't do that - unless it's a very good deal, or you don't have an artist website.

Instead, focus on the tasks that will really brings you the money in the bank, the clients in your emails, and the time to create art.

What’s in Sell Your Art Better Than Galleries - Free Challenge?

  • Four days of challenges to explain how to sell art online via a daily live where I will explain the challenge and answer any questions
  • Four threads to help you implement the challenge and get your sales going
  • A great community of artists to network with
  • Feedback & support
  • Prizes to celebrate your hard work and keep you accountable
  • A Masterclass to reveal the 3 things that help the artists I work with sell their art consistently

I have been working in art galleries for years, along with working directly with artists, and I have discovered that most artists are struggling to find an art gallery to sell their art, but at the same time, they are told this is the only respectable way to sell. I disagree. I think it is much more helpful for artists to sell their art independently, and even in the case you would collaborate with a gallery."


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